Wally Vega

Wally Vega

Managing Director / Strauss Milligan & Co.


More than 30 years delivering integrated solutions that optimise four determining factors that generates success in every enterprise: strategy processes - systems people In todays business environment the transfer of ideas and visions into action is highly required, to obtain the desired results, companies are more and more confronted with complex changes:- Globalization - Mergers and integrations- Cross cultural collaboration - Redesigning organization structures - Changing organization culture and mind sets of people. We provide sound advice in the field of Organizational Development and Human Resources. In addition, we provide practical means through the implementation of the how and the development of required skills sets.
International VP at Dale Carnegie & Associates Production & Sales Rep. at Aviation Develoment Inc. - The Boeing Co. 

Strauss Milligan & Co. (Professional Training & Coaching industry): Managing Director,  (September 1996-Present) Ayudamos a potenciar la palabra, como un vehculo para que habilidades, conocimientos y personalidad sea el mejor impulso profesional de las personas y empresas.


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